VICENTE’18 – Lisbon, Anchor of Infinity

Ermida: Nino Alfieri (Italy) / Travessa: Sara e André (Portugal) / Curator: Mário Caeiro / Opening: 08/09/2018 / Until: 17/10/2018 Ermida 30/04/2019 Travessa

Inside the chapel, Nino Alfieri (Italy) realizes a Wunderkammer with naturalia and various artefacts, culminating the experience in a dynamic installation of light and ceramic. The spirit is to mix the actual and anachronistic, the old and the contemporary, the archaic and the anticipation.

The event ‘VICENTE’18 – Lisbon, anchor of infinity’ and the book VICENTE Symbol of Lisbon, Contemporary Myth are initiatives developed in the context of 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage.

A book-catalogue, as always, is edited with texts, among others by Jacinto Palma Dias, Paula André, Pedro Santa Rita, Joaquim Paulo Nogueira, Sofia Afonso Ferreira, José Eduardo Franco and Nelson Guerreiro. The edition counts also with graphic works by Eunice Artur and Alexandre A. R. Costa, and of course the dossiers prepared by the exhibiting artists.

In due time it will be announced the launching of the collective work VICENTE Symbol of Lisbon, Contemporary Myth [temporary tittle], gathering dozens of texts and images produced throughout eight years of Project VICENTE. Those texts and images were organized in five thematic nucleuses: MYTH, ICONE, PLACE, BODY, BEING.

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