In his laboratory based in Milan, the artist is focused on an aesthetic study enjoying the progressive experimentation.
In sculptures he combines materials like metals, terracottas and plexiglass with electronics that, merging together, can evoke simultaneously the energy of primary forces and the fascination of contemporary technology.
In paintings he uses photosensitive elements and uses electro-scultures, designed and manufactured by himself, to change the perceptive connections: thanks to variable light frequencies, the same paintings appears in different ways and are able to evoke a wide range of emotions; because of the reversal of white and black colors, the exhibition area offers a new perception of space and rhythms. After few minutes, the psychic dimension is involved in the time dilatation and in the chromatic transformations of the shapes, that becomes evanescent in the darkness.



  • Two watercolors cm 50 x 70 at The Frank V. De Bellis Collection – San Francisco ( U.S.A. )


  • Light Art in Italy – Maggioli Editore – Temporary Installations 2015-2016 – “Serpenti di Fuoco” per l’evento Luce4Good – Light Art Ensemble – Ex chiesa di San Carpoforo in Brera – Milano
  • Light Art in Italy – Maggioli Editore – Temporary Installations 2013 – “Light Seeds” – Terra Aria Acqua Fuoco – Spazio Orso 16 – Milan, Italy
  • Light Art in Italy 2012 – Maggioli Editore – “Light Sphere” – Light Art and light design at Lumen Fortronic – Centro Congressi Milano Fiori – Milan, Italy
  • Light Art in Italy 2010 – Maggioli Editore – “Eclipse” – Luces. Light Art from Italy for Luminale 2010 / Archäologilogisches Museum Frankfurt
  • Light Art in Italy 2009 – Maggioli Editore – “Betoniera Cosmica” – Clicking the Cosmos – Cascina Bertottina – Novara, Italy
  • Clicking the Territory – Umberto Allemandi & C. 2009 – “Passaggio Dimensionale” – Window of lights and darkness – Museo Malandra – Novara, Italy
  • New Bars Cafés & Pubs in Italy – Edizioni L’Archivolto 2001 – “Cosmo Liberty” – Art Decò – Milan, Italy
  • Arte come progetto di vita – Catalogo Rotary International 1998 – “Ovale” – Teatro Manzoni – Milan, Italy
  • Lighting Design & Technoshow n.35 1995 – “Elettronìa Floreale” – Studio Light – Milan, Italy