Luces. Light Arte from Italy, Archeological Museum, Frankfurt
ECLIPSE is a parabolic reflector as wide as the viewer’s open arms, a reference to concepts of Renaissance, when man was considered the unit of measure. The aluminum satellite dish is painted with specific light- sensitive colors, and the electronic gear that creates the light effects is shielded behind the central disc.
The pigments react to UV and incandescent light revealing shapes the cyclically vanish and reappear on the surface.
The slow dissolves evoke the circadian rhythm as an emblem on the relation between light and time. As the critic Alessandro Trabucco says: “ the artist creates real ‘multi-sensory monuments’ carrying their own luminous energy which expands in the surrounding space; they are objects of unknown ritual alchemy that propagate energetic emanations in the environment and interact with the photosensitive colors, dynamically modifying the perception according to the continuously varying light frequencies. Each color reacts to Wood’s, incandescent of infrared light, revealing aerodynamic masses that are constantly moving.”

ECLIPSE Ø cm 192

Music: Rocco Siliotto