Nino Alfieri has begun his journey into the Light Art since 1994, when he displayed a creation with the appearance of a switched on lamp in which there was no mechanism: it was just a folded and drilled iron sculpture able to reflect and expand external lights.
The overall view is that of a galaxy on the vase created by the metal conic shape with its shadow and a light drop.
For the artist, this artwork is evocative of Hermes Trismegistus, who pours and seals in an ampoule all the knowledge and the light drop essence can be understood only by alchemists. In fact, the name of the artwork is “Cono-Scienza”, a word composed of two different terms, merged together to give birth to a third meaning: the Italian word “Cono” (“cone” in English, with reference to the shape dominant in the sculpture) plus “Scienza” (“science” in English) resemble the word “Conoscenza”, that is “knowledge” in English.

Galvanized brass sheet with copper and silver – 80 x 97 x 26 cm